Aegina is one of the closest islands to Athens and is considered the jewel of the Saronic Gulf islands. Its harbour, which is adorned  with neoclassical buildings, was once the capital of Greece. It is worth taking a stroll through the colourful fish market on to the prehistoric quarter of the island before going on to visit the house of Kazantzakis that is situated on the waterfront.

After savouring the beautiful sunset from the beach of Marathonas you can pay a visit to the picturesque village of fishermen in Perdika, a favourite docking place for private boats.

The renowned pistachio trees found in the middle of the island, as well as the byzantine churches of Palaiochora, mark their stamp on the island's scenery.

Agia Marina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island where water sports are offered during the day, while at night-time it brims with life.

The temple of Afaia,  the jewel of the area, is situated on a lush green hill overlooking the Saronic gulf and is one of the best preserved temples of antiquity.


Agia Marina - Aegina island

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